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"Warren and Vea have always done an awesome job looking after our garden and lawn maintenance. When they left to pursue further work with V.I.P. franchises, they didn't leave us hanging to find our own replacement gardener.

Instead, they replaced and personally introduced Alastar to us as our new gardener. Warren and Vea spoke really highly of Alastar who lived up to those expectations and more. Alastar helped us with our garden for about a year and later on went onto V.I.P. fencing as his new trade. Alastar managed to efficiently and quickly replace us with John, another great V.I.P .worker to help manage and maintain our garden.

A few months later, we discovered we were pregnant and decided we needed to change our fence for more privacy. Our fence was a short picket fence and we used to have unwanted telemarketers knocking at our door quite a bit. The fence was also old and worn out, and very much in due for a makeover. We were also worried about our finances and not being able to afford a new fence or what we had envisioned. We knew since Alastar moved onto fencing, we decided we should work with him on this project. We had no hesitation in ringing Alastar as he had helped us heaps in the past with our garden. He would always go beyond for us, and for that we are extremely grateful.

My husband and I had no idea what council required or what drawings they needed and Alastar was so kind to us that he went out of his way to find out that information. Alastar is a great communicator. He helped us with fence and security door ideas that would best suit our budget. He seems a very busy man but even tried to get the fence in quickly for us knowing we had our little one and that we had been waiting awhile for council permit approval. Alastar even rang John, our gardener, to discuss the mulch and the trees surrounding the fence, and how much that cost to clear. We had not asked Alastar to ring John, but he went out of his way yet again. We are so appreciative of Alastar and his work ethics, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Alastar even worked while it was raining, and even till the end, communicated everything to us as he worked. Our fence is superb and the workmanship really outstanding! It looks really good and we love it! Thanks Alastar for helping us out and the amazing build you've done for us!"

The Fence and Gate of choice that Vicki and Ty went with was a Black Steel Post, Endura Decking Screening, Pedestrian gate with a Securty Camera Install. 

View our V.I.P. Fencing and Home Maintenance Spring Collection YouTube clip by tapping on Play Video which includes this job, and or if you are looking for different fencing and gate styles or ideas then go our V.I.P. Fencing gallery by tapping on view link above.

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