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Franchise FAQ

At V.I.P. F&HM, we are here to help and are happy to answer all of your questions. Here are a few questions we often get asked.

I have always wanted to work in a business which I felt was fool proof and stable. I have seen lots of new businesses in Perth and Fremantle come and go and didn’t want to be a statistic. We chose to go down the franchise path as there is a support structure with systems and support set in place.

Both myself and my wife Karen, spent quite a considerable time scouring the web for something that we thought we could do together that would bring in a substantial income that would give us a comfortable lifestyle. Some franchises seemed too good to be true and after delving deeper into them we realised they were. You basically get what you pay for.

We came across V.I.P.’s new division of Fencing & Home Maintenance which was available in Perth, Karen and I really liked the fresh overall new image and the fact that VIP are a well-known established brand.

Bryan & Karen Buckley – V.I.P. F&HM Regional Master (Perth)

Does V.I.P. F&HM help finance the franchise?

We can assist with finance. We work closely with finance experts who understand our franchise model. Together, we look at how a V.I.P. Home Services: Fencing & Home Maintenance franchise can work for you and your current financial situation.

Will I get my own territory?

Yes, you will receive a generous sized territory and in addition to that have the ability to work anywhere you want within your region. So you get the best of both worlds with this offer.

How much does the business cost?

Speak to your local Regional Master to obtain more information on this. The total investment will vary depending on things like tools in your possession already that are suitable, where you are located in Australia and which initial choice you make regarding whether you want to be a fencing specialist or be a home maintenance specialist etc., either way we think that you will be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable the package is!

*Master Franchise enquiries, please contact us to find out more details regarding the investment level required.

Do I have to pay fees or a percentage of income to V.I.P. F&HM?

We do have a very reasonable flat rate fee, but you do not pay any percentage commissions on your income to V.I.P., the only other fee we charge is a very modest lead fee. And take note that your first month with us is fee free!

I don't know anything about fencing?

The good news is we can teach you how to fence, so long as you enjoy working outdoors and have some natural ability with tools.

Do I get fencing training?

Yes if you choose this aspect of the franchise offer initially, you will be trained on how to do the work for your customer and trained in how to run a successful and profitable business. You also receive ongoing training throughout the life of your franchise. Speak to your local Regional Master regarding our comprehensive 8 Week Paid Training Program that is not only generous but tax effective also!

I want to be a home maintenance provider and not a fencer?

Again this is fine, you don't have to take fencing work, we are looking for people with this experience and established home maintenance skills. You will, however, need to provide proof of "Efficiency" and or "Relevant License(s)" for some of the extensive home maintenance services we offer to our customers.

Do I need training as a home maintenance franchise owner?

You will be trained in the IT and Office Administration that V.I.P. F&HM provides you as part of the package – this covers all aspects of running a successful business. You will receive ongoing business training throughout your time with us. Speak to your local Regional Master regarding our comprehensive 4 Week Paid Training Program that is not only generous but tax effective also!

Do I receive bookkeeping assistance?

Your franchise includes a one-year cloud bookkeeping package, which includes training, set up and ongoing bookkeeping assistance through out that year.

How do I know how much to quote?

A good question, and one that we get asked often. During your training, you will be shown not only the efficient way to perform the work but included in training you will be assisted with your initial quotations and how to calculate the jobs.

What type of vehicle do I need to purchase?


If you intend to use your current vehicle, it must have at least a 2,300kg towing capacity with a heavy duty tow pack installed. As a rule it is preferred that the vehicle is less than five years old, however an older, with suitable tow capacity vehicle that is in good condition may be accepted at our discretion. If purchasing a new or used vehicle, it must have the same mentioned towing capacity and be five years old or under in the case of a second hand purchase and be white (preferably), or black.

Home Maintenance:

If choosing to operate a Home Maintenance franchise only, you will need a new or used white van or alternatively, a new or used white (preferably) or black ute with a canopy that it is no older than five years old if purchasing the vehicle. An existing vehicle that fits these descriptions will also be acceptable.

Do you have an income guarantee of sorts?

We do offer a "job availability guarantee" up to $1,500 GST inclusive per week (dependant on package). This guarantee is not unconditional and you should talk to your local Regional Master, who will explain it to you in more detail and at your "Doc-Prep day." Please note: J.A.G. is not available to Corporate or Master Franchise models.

Does everything I need to get started come with the franchise?

Your franchise package is very comprehensive in its scope and whatever we don't supply you with; you will receive a concise list of those items along with accurate costing. After reviewing your "Local Information Guide" regarding the figures, you will be left in no doubt what is involved in getting "business ready" and started in your new venture.

Can I sell my business at some point?

Yes you can and you will be pleased to know that not only can you expect to be assisted through the process but you will also pay less in fees for doing so than some other comparable franchise systems.

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