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Buy A Master Franchise

We have limited master franchises opportunities available Australia wide. If you are looking for a bigger business opportunity then a regional master franchises may be just what you are looking for!

Anyone that has the get up and go to work hard in your own business can succeed with V.I.P.," says Bryan. "We did a lot of research into the different franchises available but we couldn’t find anyone better than V.I.P.

That gave us a lot of confidence and after talking to them, we realised that our success is the most important thing; if we succeed, they succeed. They walk the walk and they talk they are great fun – they treat you like family.

We’re really excited for the future now, we can see where it’s going, and were getting in early on a business that’s growing fast. Where we are now, is not we’re going to be in 12 months’ time. We can put energy into our own business, and enjoy each day.

Bryan and Karen Buckley. Regional Masters (Fencing and Home Maintenance, Perth South WA)

With V.I.P. Home Services – Fencing and Home Maintenance you:

  • Are joining an established and trusted brand since 1979
  • Can earn up to 4 tiers of income
  • Have up to *10 weeks paid training to assist your entry into the business
  • Have access to the National Franchisors with a collective 30 years experience
  • Have access to quality and modern systems
  • Are joining an experienced team of like-minded operators
  • Are backed by a solid support structure, helping you every step of the way
  • Are part of an award winning franchise system
  • Have access to huge potential in a very robust market
  • Have essentially two businesses for LESS than the price of one
  • Have a fee free start up period
  • Can work from home

*Paid training will be set in accordance with each candidate's specific needs and requirements.

Why Choose A Master Franchise?

Although a master franchise requires a larger initial investment to get started, the extra responsibility you take on gives you the potential to earn a lot more income. Below is a quick comparison of your responsibilities vs your income potential.

Franchise Responsibilities Comparison:
Normal Franchise Master Franchise
Own / Operate Your Own Franchise
Recruit Franchise Owners
Training Franchise Owners
Support Franchise Owners
Franchise Income Comparison:
Normal Franchise Master Franchise
Earn Service Income
Recruitment Income
Training Income
Monthly Fee Income
Capital Gain On Region As It Grows!

Is A Master Franchise Right For Me?

We recommend that anyone who wants to become a master franchise owner to ask themselves the following questions:

  1. Do I have leadership skills?
  2. Do I embrace additional responsibilities?
  3. Do I have a "can do" attitude?
  4. Do I want to provide a better future for myself & my family?
  5. Am I prepared to take a relatively small risk to reap a greater reward?

If you answered an honest yes to the above questions then we want to hear from you ASAP as we only have limited master franchises to offer & once they're gone, they're gone!

Call Troy now on 0413 080 567 to request a FREE information pack.

Master Franchises For Sale

SOLD!Master franchise for sale in Melbourne

With a population of over 4.7 million people Melbourne is the perfect place to buy a master franchise. If you would like to secure your families future by investing in a Master Franchise then contact us today as this area will go quick.

Sorry, this master franchise has now been sold!


SOLD!Master franchise for sale in Sydney

Sydney is one of Australia's fastest growing areas with a population of over 5.2 million people & guess what, they need fences & home maintenance! We are looking for energetic couples / partners who are interested in securing their family’s financial future by becoming Master Franchise owner in Sydney.

This master franchise is a HUGE opportunity for the right owner!


FOR SALEMaster franchise for sale in Brisbane

Interested in doing something different, something fun? Get out in the sun, build some fences, do some home maintenance & manage your Fencing and Home Maintenance franchisees across the Brisbane area which has a population of over 2.3 million people! Build your dream, build your future.

Don't under estimate how popular & profitable a Brisbane Master Franchise could be!


FOR SALEMaster franchise for sale in Perth

Our Perth Master Franchise opportunity in unique for both fencing & home maintenance. With a massive 2.3 million people who love to spend time outdoors, a dedicated master franchise owner can create great opportunities for themselves & their family’s.

Perth has the fastest growth rate in the Australia which makes it a great opportunity!


FOR SALEMaster franchise for sale in Adelaide

Although Adelaide only has a population of about 1.3 million people, their properties & fences are BIG! There is plenty of room for growth in Adelaide which is a huge plus for a savvy master franchise owner.

Some people say it's the city of churches, we say it's the city of Fences & Home Maintenance!


FOR SALEMaster franchise for sale in Canberra

Canberra is the nation’s capital and has tons of potential for the right person wanting to run their own master franchise. If you think you have what it takes to run your own business, then act fast as this region will not last long.

With an area of 814.2 square kilometres, Canberra will need plenty of fences and home maintenance as it continues to grow!


FOR SALEMaster franchise for sale in Hobart/Tasmania

Don’t miss out on this opportunity as this is the only master franchise that we will be offering in Tasmania! With both a growing population and large properties (which need lots of fencing), there are many prospects to grow a great business in a fantastic location.

Not even a Tasmanian Devil will be able to escape the fences that your franchises build ;)


Limited master franchises available Australia wide

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