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The Process

Making such a big decision about your future isn't something we expect anyone to do overnight. In fact, we encourage anyone considering this to think long and hard about it to determine if this is right for them and their family. Below is a guide on what you need to do next to find out more about buying a franchise or master franchise via our no obligation process.

The process that is outlined to you below is designed to help you find out whether life as a V.I.P. franchise owner could be for you. You can take as little or long as you like. What is important is that you are right for V.I.P. and V.I.P. is right for you.

As a standalone business owner, I found it difficult to find new customers; you put an ad in the paper and wait, hoping that someone is going to ring you. The ongoing assistance and support from a franchisor with obtaining sale leads really appealed. When I was doing it by myself, I was also figuring it out myself.

Working within the framework of a franchise, you have the support of people that have many years of knowledge and experience’ who are working together to help you succeed.

Mark Nagyivan. Franchise Owner (VIP Fencing, Glen Waverley VIC)

Step 1: Phone interview

Your local Regional Master or National Franchisor will contact you by phone. This way you can find out more about the basics of the business and we can find out a bit more about you so as to ensure a package is tailored to best suit your needs.

Upon the initial phone call, you will then be sent the Part A Information Pack to assist with you learning more about the opportunity.

*All master franchise inquiries will be called by National Franchisor first prior to any information being provided.

Step 2: Experience Day

The next step is to book a couple of "experience day(s)", essentially this is where you get the chance to spend some time with a current franchise owner/trainer.

You will get some hands-on experience, gather more information and get an idea if you can see yourself running a similar business. There is absolutely no obligation, and it is simply an opportunity for you to find out more facts. It is at this step that you will receive your "Local Information Guide" that outlines in more detail the opportunity and financial commitment required to become one of our business owners.

Step 3: Phone or personal meeting

After your experience day(s) if both parties are happy with what they have seen to date, you can book a time to catch up with your local Regional Master/National Franchisor or discuss further by telephone. They will guide you through the process, answer all of your questions and will probably help you formulate some questions of your own. They need to speak with you in person as they need to be confident you are the right sort of person to be a V.I.P. F&HM franchise owner and you need to be confident that we are the right fit for you too.

Step 4: Doc-Prep application

If you are happy to proceed further, and V.I.P. are happy with your performance and work ethic, the next step is to book in a Doc-Prep application. This is where your local Regional Master/National Franchisor can provide a road-map to guide you into your new business and life!

We only grant franchise territories & regions to those candidates we believe will be successful – after all that's how we build the success of V.I.P.

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