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Good vs Bad Fence

Please understand that we are more than likely NOT going to be the cheapest fencing quote you receive, so if PRICE is your only or primary focus then it may be best to look elsewhere.

If however you are interested in receiving a fair and reasonable price for the offer of clear communication, great service and a high-end finish to even the most basic of fences along with the security of dealing with a company (V.I.P. Home Services) that’s been around for 40 years, then it’s well worth continuing on.




The way we build any fence is by following best work practices as well as using the best possible quality AND correct amount of materials and fasteners! More often than not, we note that many of our competitors fail to do any of these things and the difference it makes both initially, and over the longer term is HUGE!  Everyone who understands that you "Get What You Pay For" should look closely at the following evidence of what we not only are saying, but in practice are actually doing!

Under "Good Fences" we will show you how we space palings to be exactly 50mm apart and level all the way meaning the fence won't start showing gaps everywhere and look neat.  We will also show you why we use longer posts to ensure the top rail is close to the top of palings so they don't bend like bananas while also being deeper in the ground for added stability (mostly using concrete to set) and how careful we are to with the post cut outs so they are stronger and neater!  We also use full size rails throughout not the inferior smaller gauge ones.

You may also note that we don't skimp on the use of galvanised fasteners as others often do, and in some cases, they don't even use galvanised fasteners but black ones instead that are eaten up by treated pine in no time flat!

Last but not least, like anything done properly it takes extra time to get the best possible finish of the fence and or gate, so therefore our fences may take a little longer than others but that's what it takes to get it right - the first time!

First let’s look at the "Good" and then we shall look at the "Bad", you be the judge as to whether these so-called cheaper fences were worth paying anything for and whether they enhance the value of the property that they are built on?

  • Testimonial: "After years of past bad experiences with 2 dodgy fencers and being ripped off with this fence being incorrectly installed and falling over just after 6 weeks from installation. Alastar came to the rescue, he repaired and replaced our fence and restored my faith again." 
  • Paling Fences Feature-Benefit: Tap here for YouTube Clip
  • Check Out YouTube Clip to Note Differences: Basic Paling VIP Fence with a Twist - Why We Do - What We Do
  • Note: All photos are taken by us and to see more of what we do please visit our catalogue page by Clicking Here.





Colorbond® fencing and gates should be a good option for you if you would like a fence that stays looking good for many years, however just like paling fences if they are not built using best practices and using best materials your additional investment may amount to zero!

If you have read our paling section, you will know what we do and why which includes using longer than standard posts set in high strength concrete for long lasting stability of your fence as well as using the correct number of approved fasteners and so on.

Here are some examples of how we go about building Colorbond® fencing and gates, as well as how some of our competitors go about building theirs, was it any cheaper? You be the judge!

Note: All photos are taken by us and to see more of what we do please visit our catalogue page by Clicking Here.




A poorly constructed retainer wall is not only unsightly but can in some instances be downright dangerous!

Often, it's what you can't see that will make a difference to the integrity and longevity of your retaining wall, meaning things like protective membranes, scoria and aggy pipe to assist with drainage are more often than not ignored by the less than conscientious operators. Things like the hole depths, concrete and supports are all too often skimped on as well and that's before we get into the quality of the materials used and general workmanship.

Some examples of both ways of doing it are shown above and as always you be the judge.

Note: All photos are taken by us and to see more of what we do please visit our catalogue page by Clicking Here.




This customer initially approached one of our V.I.P. F&HM team members to build a front feature steel picket fence with gate and small retaining wall.

The "Good Fence" shown is the Quality Fence he was building when approached by them for this one, they went with a cheaper price from another company with the result being, well what can we say? 

So much for the golden rule of real estate being "street appeal"!

Note: All photos are taken by us and to see more of what we do please visit our catalogue page by Clicking Here.

Our Promise To You

Providing the very best customer service is of paramount importance to V.I.P. Home Services – Fencing and Home Maintenance. Our network of franchise owners throughout the country are fully trained and take pride in the work that they do. They are all fully insured and are owner operated which means that you receive the very best customer service as you deal with the business owner.

In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with the level of service that you receive we want to put that right. Should you not feel comfortable bringing any issues up directly with the franchise owners, we are there for you. We will directly look into the issue for you and liaise with you and the franchise owner to come to a solution. It is important to us that we do the very best we can to ensure your dealings with V.I.P. Home Services – Fencing and Home Maintenance are what people have come to expect from one of the leading franchise companies in the country.

Should you need to contact us in relation to any matters of customer service, simply call our national call centre on 13 26 13.

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