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COLORBOND® Steel Fences

Something we need to consider here is, Australia is a steel rich nation and a somewhat timber poor one!

Genuine Australian rolled steel COLORBOND® is hard to beat for its long-lasting durability and overall stability which includes withstanding great extremes of heat and wind! It also comes with a TEN-YEAR manufacturer's warranty! We will always recommend the Australian made product over imported feed materials as quite simply it’s a superior product!

Some people think that a COLORBOND® fence may be too stark or industrial looking but nothing could be further from the truth if you look closely at the vast array of colours, profiles and configurations available you might just change your mind regarding using this strong stable alternative to timber fencing!

You can also plant enhancing vegetation in front of the fence to assist with it melding in seamlessly with your property.

In today's market the price gap between timber and colorbond is  not as great as it once was, question is how long do you want your fence to look great and straight for?

Here are some advice points on this type of fences that we offer to all our clients.


We use oversized posts (300mm longer than usual minimum size) so as to get the posts into the ground deeper for added stability of your fence ongoing.


In all cases we will recommend and be using concrete only due to its superior strength instead of cement soil amalgam (cement mixed with soil), concrete is particularly superior to retaining a COLORBOND® fences ongoing stability.

Fence Materials:

For your posts, rails, panels and lattice (if applicable) we will recommend the use of genuine COLORBOND® product of your choosing, all fixings will be COLORBOND® compliant. Plinths if required will need to be discussed with your local V.I.P. Fencing operator.

View Feature Benefit of your Colorbond® Fence Tap Here

“Do it once or do it twice?  Perhaps think of quality and not just the price!"

Below are a few of our most popular styles to help you decide what is best for your project. Your welcome to mix and match styles or we can build you something completely custom if you would prefer that! Please let your local fencing contractor know the "Style Code" that you like when requesting a quote.


COLORBOND® with Lattice

Anti Cat and Possum Top CBond

The major things that set us apart from our competitors is that we focus on QUALITY and SERVICE first and you have the security of dealing with a company (V.I.P. Home Services) that has been around for over 40 years!

We build your fence using only quality fencing materials and use the best fencing construction methods that we have perfected collectively over the last 36+ years which comes from varied experience plus priding ourselves in being professional fencing contractors. Not only do our fences look better, we build them to last longer too!

All of our local fencing contractors are:

  • Police and credit checked, for your security
  • Fully insured, for your security
  • Extensively trained and skilled, ensuring highest standards of workmanship

And offer you:

  • A full workmanship guarantee
  • Exceptional service
  • Individual fencing contractor profile pages that show REAL projects and 100% TRUTHFUL / GENUINE testimonials from REAL clients - as of February 2021 we have a collective total of over 500 genuine client testimonials / recommendations.

All our fencing quotes are clear and easy to understand and although we may not be the cheapest quote that you receive, we know that you will be happy with the quality of your new fence and the service that we provided you!

Our Promise To You

Providing the very best customer service is of paramount importance to V.I.P. Home Services – Fencing and Home Maintenance. Our network of franchise owners throughout the country are fully trained and take pride in the work that they do. They are all fully insured and are owner operated which means that you receive the very best customer service as you deal with the business owner.

In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with the level of service that you receive we want to put that right. Should you not feel comfortable bringing any issues up directly with the franchise owners, we are there for you. We will directly look into the issue for you and liaise with you and the franchise owner to come to a solution. It is important to us that we do the very best we can to ensure your dealings with V.I.P. Home Services – Fencing and Home Maintenance are what people have come to expect from one of the leading franchise companies in the country.

Should you need to contact us in relation to any matters of customer service, simply call our national call centre on 13 26 13.

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